NOKKO Classroom Chair Pockets

  • CLASSROOM ESSENTIALS FOR THE WHOLE CLASS – Set includes 12 chair pockets and blank name tags–perfect for preschool and kindergarten classes. They come in 6 bright and cool colors that kids will love!
  • KEEP SCHOOL STUFF WITHIN REACH – Make learning and art materials easily accessible! This chair pocket organizer slips over the back of seats allowing students to grab whatever they need quickly.
  • STORE & ORGANIZE – Multiple pockets line these chair pockets for classrooms. There’s 1 large pocket for paper or books, 1 long one for rulers, and 4 smaller pockets for pens, markers, and crayons.
  • BUILT FOR BUSY SCHOOLS – Made from heavy-duty Oxford 600D fabric that’s durable and long-lasting. The chair pockets are designed with name tag sleeves so you can reuse them every school year.
  • BUNDLED WITH MORE CLASSROOM SUPPLIES – The student chair pockets come with a desk pocket chart with 10 dry erase pocket sleeves and 20 reusable dry erase boards. Markers and erasers are not included.
$ 104,95

Constantly Find Yourself Helping Students Look For School Supplies?

In a classroom filled with energetic and playful kids, it’s pretty easy to misplace books, notebooks, and other school supplies. This is especially true if students leave them on open shelves or their desks.

In any case, looking for these learning materials take up precious time which could’ve otherwise been spent studying. To prevent this from happening, you’ll need a storage and organizing solution designed to help create a more effective and efficient learning environment.

Keep your classroom neat and organized with these Chair Pockets from NOKKO!

Everything In One Place

Organizing your students’ stuff is much easier with these chair pockets. They’re designed with spacious compartments that can hold any class staple, from pencils to workbooks. Using these organizers keeps clutter at bay and gives students more space to work with on their desks.

You’ll also find small, clear sleeves for name tags. These allow teachers to categorize and reuse the organizers every school year.

A Handy Instructional Material

These chair pockets come with a pocket chart. It’s self-standing, making it more convenient to use than handheld boards. It also folds flat so you can effortlessly store it away when not in use.

The pocket chart is double-sided, allowing you to use both the front and back for your lessons. It’s fitted with clear plastic sleeves that won’t easily rip or tear when inserting or removing the boards.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Made from thick and heavy-duty Oxford 600D fabric, these chair pockets can thrive even in the busiest classrooms. The tight stitching also prevents the seams from ripping open even when the organizers are full.

With quality materials and exceptional manufacturing, these chair pockets can handle the combined weight of various learning materials and school supplies. You can count on them to serve your students well for a long time.

Quick & Easy Installation

Some chair pockets require you to tie them down to seats. This isn’t just time-consuming, but there’s always the chance that the organizer can fall off due to the ties unraveling.

These shouldn’t be a problem with our chair pockets. They have a slip-on design that makes installing them a breeze. This also allows for a more secure installation since they’re practically hugging the back of the chair.

Great Choice for Any Classroom

The package includes 12 chair pockets. And if that’s not enough, you can always order more; we’d be more than happy to provide you with more chair pockets to suit your requirements.

Our chair pockets are also available in different colorways: purple, black, green, blue, pink and red, and yellow and red. With this wide array of choices, you can improve organization even further through color coding.

$ 104,95