Nokko 4-Piece Woodworking Ruler Set

  • Great Value for Money – Get 4 woodworking measuring tools in a single set! This bundle includes a 12″ aluminum slide rule along with a 6″, a 12″, and a 16″ stainless steel woodworking edge ruler.
  • Reliable Locking Mechanism – The stop ruler’s clip is equipped with 2 thumb screws for a tight and secure lock. It features markings in inches and millimeters, as well as a 1″ vertical scale on one end.
  • Designed for Woodworking Precision – Each straight-edge precision ruler in this kit starts at ”zero” for accuracy. Each also has inch-and-centimeter markings as well as imperial and metric conversion tables.
  • Made for Long-Term Use – Invest in quality woodworking measurement tools! Manufactured using premium-quality metals, these specialty rulers are stiff and rust-proof. Their straight edges last long
  • Clear, Long-Lasting Markings – With etched markings instead of printed ones, the gradations on these measuring tools for woodworking won’t fade or rub off. They’ll remain clear and easy to read.
$ 19,95

Accurate Measurements Are Essential in Any Woodworking Project.

Whether you`re building a coffee table or a chicken coop, you`ll want to make sure that your measurements are spot on. This is easier to do when you have well-made and reliable rulers at your disposal.

While there are many different types of rulers available, you`ll always want to have the basics

on hand like slide rulers and straight-edge rulers. These should help you get through most projects at home, at work, or in your own woodworking workshop.

This 4-Piece Woodworking Ruler Set from Nokko includes various measurement tools to help you with any task!

Instant Marking Gauge

Our sliding ruler is conveniently fitted with a clip that can be secured at any point along the blade. Plus, with a pencil notch at one end of the ruler, it allows you to use it as a marking gauge. Simply lock the clip into position, place your pencil in the notch, and slide the ruler along the board’s edge. It’s a handy and reliable tool for drawing a line parallel to a reference edge.

Reliable & Secure Clip

A common problem with some sliding rulers is an unreliable clip. They often tend to slip during use, resulting in a line that is completely misaligned with the reference edge.

This shouldn’t be the case with our sliding ruler. The clip is equipped with two thumb-twist screws that lock securely in place once tightened. You can use it to draw lines on multiple boards without having to

Convenient Conversions

The 6″, 12″, and 16” metal rulers in this set come with handy conversion tables at the back. These allow for quicker and more convenient inch-to-millimeter conversions. They’re also double-checked for accuracy, which helps you minimize errors.

Additionally, the edges of the rulers start at ”zero.” This helps you get precise measurements when the edge is resting against a joint or a raised, beveled edge.

Built Tough

Crafted from premium-quality metals, you can count on our aluminum slide rule and stainless steel rulers to serve you well through many woodworking projects.

The materials used are strong, able to withstand dings and dents. This helps keep the edges from getting easily jagged or damaged, so you can draw smooth, straight lines with ease. They also won’t develop rust or corrode over time.

Etched Gradations

Poorly printed and hard-to-read scales can result in inaccurate measurements. This is why the markings on these rulers are etched instead of printed.

Aside from being clear and legible, the markings on these measurement tools also last long. They won’t easily get erased or blurred out even with heavy, regular use. They’re also marked with precision and with even spacing between every line.

A Practical Present

This 4-piece ruler set is a must-have for both professional woodworkers and furniture makers. It can also be helpful for DIY enthusiasts, as well as students who are just getting started with their woodworking adventures.

These are accessories that pros and beginners would love to have in their toolbox or workshop. This bundle of rulers makes an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

$ 19